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We are still OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Click here to see our COVID-19 Update.

Abrazo de oso

$ 18.25

If you do not have a book yet by Susanna Isern, you should definitely get this one!

Susanna Isern is from Spain, which makes this an authentic read aloud. It's a struggle to find books about winter or books set in a snowy setting in Spanish, mostly because it doesn't often snow in Hispanophone countries. This book is not only about cold habitats, but it also has a very strong message. It talks about false accusations. It's so important for us to talk about what happens when we falsely accuse someone.

The story begins in a little Inuit village in the very, very North. The land is covered in snow, and igloos dot the land. A little girl, Natooke, adopts a small polar bear. As the polar bear grows and grows, she and he become very close friends. One day, village elders end up accusing the bear of stealing some of the food, and the bear is asked to leave their little village. He leaves, and Natooke really misses him. She misses him so much, she decides she really can't live without him and so she goes off and looks for him. On her journey, she ends up losing her way, and eventually, he finds her and he protects her. The next day when they wake up, the village elders are standing beside them and apologize for the wrong accusation. One very important lesson to learn is this idea of false accusations without proof.

A deep and relevant message for our second graders.