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Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!

A New Take on Latest Lists

You may have seen one of our Latest Lists recently. We wanted to tell you a little bit about how we build these lists to meet your needs in an efficient way.

Our In-House Dual Language Teacher

Marie’s absolute favorite thing (well, aside from candy) is browsing books! She can spend hours upon hours reading and perusing a bookstore, a stand, a library. Now that our shelves are very well stocked, Marie is indulging in this (not-so-guilty) pleasure. She makes new lists knowing exactly what teachers are looking for.

How We Build Latest Lists

Latest Lists are lists of books that share a common element. It could be an instructional purpose, such as mentor texts, book clubs, or informational research projects. Latest Lists can also be geared towards specific uses such as during counseling sessions or when in the media center. Latest Lists could be newest releases around a particular theme, or a current topic that many teachers will want to present.

Ready to Ship

With supply chain issues affecting all industries, we know how special it is to be able to place an order and receive it quickly. That's why we're taking a new approach to Latest Lists. They're made up of books that we have plenty of stock of, so that we can ship them out as soon as your order is placed! Our goal is not only to build amazing collections, we also aim to get these precious books in your hands ASAP.

Check out our Latest Lists from fall 2021. So far, we have identified mentor texts for informational and opinion writing units. We’ve also found amazing books for librarians and counselors.

Stay tuned for many more Latest Lists! And keep in mind, these are books we can ship to you in a matter of days!


The Hexagramm Team

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