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Pre-K Spanish Read Aloud Set
Pre-K Spanish Read Aloud Set

Spanish Read Alouds

Pre-K Spanish Read Aloud Set

$ 1,162.00

An incredible collection of Spanish read alouds specifically curated for a Pre- K audience, with a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning. This set includes 70 exceptional titles, including authentic literature, culturally diverse stories, and special titles from foreign authors—new to teachers and students! The best part: all titles belong to original themes created by our literacy expert and curator, Marie Bouteillon. Her chosen themes speak directly to the minds and hearts of Pre-K children, by exploring themes such as family, identity, school, sharing, and friendship. 

Books come labeled (theme + grade) and packaged for easy unpacking. Book bins and bin labels included.

Set contains 70 titles


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How Marie sees it:

- Addressing vulnerability

- Sharing feelings is important 

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