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Pre-K Spanish Novelty Read Aloud Set
Pre-K Spanish Novelty Read Aloud Set

Spanish Read Alouds

Pre-K Spanish Novelty Read Aloud Set

$ 310.00

Tired of hearing: “We already read this with (English teacher)?” All titles in this set are books that were originally written in a language other than English or Spanish, and do not exist at all in English.

Our novelty books give Spanish teachers the privilege of being able to present a book for the very first time, and to keep their students anticipating their next read aloud. Marie Bouteillon selected these titles to raise student engagement during read aloud. They are exceptional titles with powerful messages.

Set contains 21 titles

Titles from the Collection

Curation in Action

How Marie sees it:

- Addressing vulnerability

- Sharing feelings is important 

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- Nobody is alone

- Your feelings are normal