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OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Click here to see our COVID-19 Update.
OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Click here to see our COVID-19 Update.

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Message to Our Community: COVID-19 Update

Dear Teachers and School Leaders, 

We are thinking of you at this time. We know you are working around the clock to support and stay connected to your students and staff, and we want to take as many burdens off your plate as we can. We are still open for business. Here are a few adjustments we have made to support you at this desperate time. 

1. We have secured extra storage space for your orders in case your school is not accepting any deliveries at this time. We will store your order in our warehouse until you are able to receive it.  

2. If you have budgets you need to secure resources for but are unable to take the time to place your order at this moment, we can help you submit a special-case purchase order. Please reach out and we will respond to help you before your spending deadline.

3. Our warehouse is stocked. Thankfully, we secured a high level of inventory before this crisis, so we are ready to fulfill any standard orders for our Spanish and English classroom libraries, and Spanish read alouds. Customized orders may be subject to delay.

Please let us know how else we can support you during this uncertain period. As always, we see ourselves as an extension of your schools and classrooms, and we wish to offer support however possible. 

Take care and be in touch,

Rob and Marie

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