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Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!
Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!
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We travel the world to bring you the best books on the market.

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Spanish, French, English Classrooms

Grades PreK thru 8th

Hundreds of Publishers

To bring you all the variety you need and keep students engaged.

Hi, We're Hexagramm Books!

Our passion for high-quality books inspires us to curate collections our teachers and schools love.  Our collections are designed by a former dual-language teacher with the classroom in mind.  We have made it our mission to do the work that teachers don’t have time to do.

Signature Collections

Explore why teachers love our selections of high-quality books.


Classroom Libraries

Our Spanish & English Classroom Libraries are carefully curated sets of books for every level, A-Z, containing both fiction and nonfiction sets.
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Read Alouds

A highly-curated collection of read aloud books that will have your students laughing out loud and making powerful connections through storytelling, for a Pre-K–2nd Grade audience.
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THE 2021 Catalog

Book Sets + Read Alouds in SPANISH and ENGLISH

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Welcome to Just Good Teaching

Just Good Teaching is the arm of Hexagramm Books dedicated to equipping teachers and leaders with instructional tools. Through our blog and webinar series, we share best practices, classroom tips, instructional videos, lesson plans and much more. What we share doesn't follow a specific curriculum - it's just good teaching!

Just Good Teaching Webinars

Just Good Teaching is pleased to bring you webinars for leaders and teachers, especially educators of language learners. 

Strategy-Based Teaching for Leaders

Strategy-Based Teaching for Leaders is a live webinar specifically designed for district and building leaders. It serves as an introduction to the 3-part teacher series offered year-round, and the best part: it'll unlock a free ebook and exclusive online time with me. Set the tone for what needs to be the most efficient instructional year by learning about Strategy-Based Teaching.
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We're Hiring!

Hexagramm is committed to its people. Learn why our employees are committed to us.