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Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!

Guided Reading with Hexagramm Books

I’d like to let you in on a secret: we have guided reading sets available, ready to ship! You won’t find them on our website because we do not advertise them. Now that the cat is out of the bag, let me explain why we haven’t publicized them until today! 

Guided reading titles are extremely sought after because they allow teachers to hone in on level-specific reading strategies. Our carefully leveled texts lend themselves to a great guided reading collection. So, why haven’t we built one yet? We’ve found that each school and district has different needs and expectations. We’ve listed a few of these below:

Culturally Relevant Guided Reading

Teachers often ask us for books that feature Hispanic children, their families and experiences. They seek characters whose adventures their students can relate to. 

Thematic Guided Reading

Teachers whose students are mostly Spanish or French language learners request thematic guided reading sets. These sets include six copies of two to four titles about one particular theme. By reading several books around one theme (i.e., school, family, food, life cycles…), students learn vocabulary faster. 

Titles Outside of Our Classroom Libraries

Another request that we often receive is for guided reading titles that are not in our classroom library sets. Some educators want the titles in the classroom libraries to be different so that when students choose books for independent reading, they are still challenged, and do not see the same titles that are used during guided reading. 

As you can see, there’s no one way to meet every school’s needs. Therefore, instead of building one guided reading collection, we have chosen to build Your Guided Reading Library based on titles we have in stock that meet your criteria. If your request is not in stock, we can prepare it, and ship it out in about four weeks. 

Like our Classroom Libraries, our guided reading titles come labeled with the reading level at the top!

Email to request a quote. Let us know which type of guided reading materials you are interested in, and we will let you know what we have in stock.  

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Sofi Rice and Marie Bouteillon, Curators at Hexagramm Books

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