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Strong Female Leads and Biographies of Incredible Women

Why does Women’s History Month exist? Why is it that in Spanish and French, adjectives and nouns become masculine when there’s just one masculine figure added? Today and every day, we want to celebrate feminism in children’s literature and women who break gender stereotypes. That’s why we’ve created two collections that feature women who are adventurous, groundbreaking, ambitious, competitive, rebellious...

While feminist children’s literature is on the rise in the English language, it’s a bit harder to find in Spanish-language books, especially authentic ones. Too often, there’s a softness and docility to girls and women in children’s literature. At Hexagramm Books, it is our goal and responsibility to show all children, not only young girls, that they can be anything they want to be, and do anything they want to do, despite historical gender norms. 

In honor of two upcoming celebrations: International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Women’s History Month (March 1st - 31st), we’ve created two new Latest List collections: Strong Female Leads and Biographies of Incredible Women

Strong Female Leads is a collection containing 11 fiction titles for grades Pre-K through 5th Grade that feature diverse female protagonists who are faced with all kinds of challenges, but ultimately persevere and overcome these. These girls are brave, risk-takers, intelligent, strong, problem-solvers… They represent different races, ethnicities, body types, interests and so much more. Your students are sure to feel inspired by these stereotype-breaking female protagonists. 

Biographies of Incredible Women is a collection of 13 non-fiction books that highlight the accomplishments of female activists, librarians, athletes, artists and scientists. They show the impact of women across the world from the Appalachian Mountains to Iraq, Puerto Rico, Kenya and more. These true stories will help your students envision themselves as change-makers, trail-blazers, and innovators who can’t be stopped, especially not by their gender.

Browse our French, Spanish and English catalogs that celebrate diversity to see more of our inclusion-focused collections. 

Find out more about how we communicate with publishers to increase diversity in our collections and the importance of representing racial diversity in our collections

Your partners in dual language learning,

Sofi Rice and Marie Bouteillon, Curators at Hexagramm Books

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