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Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!

‘Tis the Season of Being Grateful

The pandemic has upended all of our lives.  Some have lost their jobs, or even worse, family members and loved ones. In our case, we’ve had to move.  My father has been in the hospital three times since May.  Like many of you, it’s really hit home. 

Yet, I feel many others face far harder challenges.  Staying positive is my personal battle against COVID.  “No, I will not let you break my spirit!”  I’ve selected a handful of picture books in both English and Spanish to nurture empathy towards others, and to help students put things into perspective.  

I especially enjoy reading Los deseos de Carmela with our daughter.  It grounds us in being in the moment, while maintaining hope for the future.  I adore her annoying yet supportive older brother.  

Even when the season of being grateful has passed, I have a feeling you’ll find yourself coming back to these books time and time again.

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Marie Bouteillon


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