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Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!

Welcome to Just Good Teaching!

Hi Dual Language Dynamos!

I’m Marie, and I’m a dual language consultant.  I help spread instructional practices that are great for language learners.  These best practices aren’t brain science, although everything I was trained to do is research-based. Instead, they’re Just Good Teaching - best practices that hold true no matter whom we teach. And most oftentimes, these instructional strategies are actually quite simple!

I created this blog to showcase a few ideas.  I know what it’s like being a dual language teacher, teaching in your own little room month after month, year after year, and not always having access to an expert to guide you.  I was that novice teacher once. As more and more dual language programs spread across the country, I wanted to provide some proven best practices that I tried in my classroom, and have seen succeed in over 20 other schools nationwide.  

Bilingualism is a passion for me both personally and professionally.  During the day, I advance content and language acquisition in the classroom through my consulting business, and through Hexagramm Books, which I co-own with my husband.  At night, I foster bilingualism with our daughter.  

Tune in to Just Good Teaching to find out how to strengthen your instruction.  Get very practical tips, visuals and real life examples to guide you and support you.  Professional learning is a lifelong journey, and I’m thrilled you’ve chosen Just Good Teaching as a way to perfect your craft.  

Let’s dive in!

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Viodelda Judkins - March 31, 2020

I’m so excited to see what you will bring forward in your blog. My teachers in the French Dual Language program in Champaign, IL have been benefiting from your instruction, advice and great expertise for a couple of years now and it has improved their craft tremendously!
Viodelda Judkins
Director of ESL/Bilingual Programs

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