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Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!
Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!

Los grandes pasos de papá

$ 14.00

There aren't many books out there about dads, and how dads balance out a child's life. This is a fantastic book written by Nadine Brun-Cosme. Los grandes pasos de papa was originally written in French, and it's now translated into Spanish. It's one of those privileged reads where you get to read that book to your students, and it has never been written or read by the English side.

It's a pattern book and at the beginning, it starts off with this little boy who's going to school. The little boy is apprehensive of going to school and so he keeps asking his papá "how are you going to come and pick me up?" The dad explains how he'll pick him up in his car and, the boy says, "what if your car breaks down? What are you gonna do then? and that's where the dad details the many ways he will find to come to pick up his son.

It's a book that could be read over and over and over again and could be acted out with the kids saying the parts that the boy says and the teacher answering as the father.