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Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!
Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!

Monstruo rosa

$ 25.00

Monstruo rosa is another authentic read aloud, and what's great about this book is how it talks about being different. We consider this to be the Spanish Elmer, but a bit more cognitively demanding than Elmer. The story is premised on the idea that Monstruo Rosa was born different: everybody and everything around him is a shade of grey, meanwhile, he is large, pink and fluffy.

We love that Monstruo Rosa is more self-determined than Elmer. He's not happy living in a place where everyone looks exactly the same so he decides to go exploring and he finds a colorful place where people all have different skills and different qualities that make them special.

It's a wonderful book to talk about being different, and owning it and feeling comfortable about being different, and not being apologetic for being different. A great message to send: that when you're different you actually have different abilities, not that when you're different, you are unable to do something. 

We highly recommend Monstruo rosa by Olga de Dios Ruiz. Such a great authentic read aloud!