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Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!


We LOVE Our Customers!

HEXBUCKS is the referral program at Hexagramm Books. We are a small, family-owned business, and we have thrived on customers referring us to colleagues. We are very grateful for your help, and wanted to show our appreciation.

Who can make referrals?

We believe that the best people to refer us to others are our Loyal Customers who have placed one or more orders with us in the past.

Who counts as a Referral?

A Referral is a contact within a new district, a new department within a district, or a new school that has never placed an order with Hexagramm Books. A Referral places an order with Hexagramm Books after an introductory email written by the Loyal Customer. A contact within the same department or the same school does not count as a Referral. 

How does the referral program work?

  • A Loyal Customer emails colleagues, and copies on the email.
  • Referrals place an order with us.
  • Hexagramm Books applies a discount to the Referral’s first order.
  • Hexagramm Books credits Loyal Customers with a matching number of HEXBUCKS that can be applied to their next order.

What are HEXBUCKS?

HEXBUCKS is a credit applied to a district, department or school’s account at Hexagramm Books. This credit can be used towards goods and/or services sold by Hexagramm Books. HEXBUCKS are not cash, and are not tied to an individual.  

How do we earn HEXBUCKS?

How do we earn HEXBUCKS?Loyal Customers can receive up to $250 credit per Referral. The larger the order made by Referrals, the more HEXBUCKS can be credited to Loyal Customers’ school or district accounts.

The chart below explains the basics.

HEXBUCKS in Action...

An example:

  • Loyal Customer at School A refers New School B to Hexagramm Books, and copies on the email.  
  • New School B places a first order for $6,000 with Hexagramm Books.  
  • New School B gets a $150 discount applied to their first order. 
  • Loyal Customer can apply $150 credit towards their next order with Hexagramm Books. 

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