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Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!

Strategy-Based Teaching
for Leaders

An Introduction to the Three-Part Webinar Series

Empower your teachers to hit their learning target, and even better:
assess students for content and language 

Upcoming Webinars for Leaders

Wednesday July 29, 2020
@ 9:00 am Eastern Daylight Time

Wednesday July 29, 2020
@ 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

We have no time to lose.

Do you want your staff to make the most of instructional time?

Strategy-Based Teaching for Leaders is a 1 hour and 15 minute webinar aimed at introducing building and district leaders to the Strategy-Based Teaching webinar series.

In 75 minutes, find out how this three-part webinar series will transform teaching and learning in your school, specifically for language learners.  

Join a very successful group of teachers 

Become a member of the
Strategy-Based Teaching family!

What teachers have to say

Strategy-based teaching transformed my approach to delivering quality instruction to my students. Marie helped me equip my students with strategies that propelled their achievement to the next level. I wish I would have been taught this method in college. Since learning about Strategy-based teaching, my students have shown more growth academically than ever before. I am a better teacher because of it!

Amalina Hernandez

Assistant Principal, World Language Academy
Former Kindergarten Teacher, Cumming Elementary

A 3-Part Course

Let me take you on this journey with
a three-part webinar series:  

# 1

Strategy-Based Teaching: What’s Your By

Imagine showing students not only what to do, but also how. You’ll notice more immediate and successful implementation of skills when students are shown specific steps in applying a standard. (2 hour)

# 2

Productive Language Goals

Consider making language goals clear by focusing on what students will say, think or write. Now, add sentence variety and differentiation for language proficiency. Your students are gaining linguistic confidence, are taking risks and progressing. (1 hour)

# 3

Data-Driven Workshop Model

Envision a classroom where you get a seamless feedback loop on how students are mastering your standard, and you’re able to adjust as need be. Instead of waiting to assess, you have immediate, actionable data. (1 hour) 

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A 75-minute introduction to our three-part webinar series.

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“What’s your ‘by?’” I can hear Marie asking that critical question now. With Marie’s help, we are now more focused on strategy-based teaching. She has equipped us with the tools needed so our planning is more intentional, our teaching more explicit, and our language learners benefit (along with everyone else).”

-Dr. Virin Vedder, Coordinator of Foreign Language and Dual Language Immersion, Gwinnett County Public Schools

What kind of school is Strategy-Based Teaching intended for?

Strategy-Based Teaching is just good teaching. It’s fantastic for Pre-K through 12th grade. It is particularly effective for students in dual language, ESOL, bilingual and immersion settings.

“I first met Marie 5 years ago when I was the principal of an elementary school starting a Dual Language Immersion program.  I am now a principal of a High School for Newcomers to the country. Marie has been vital in preparing our teachers to support students with low English proficiency. It does not matter if it is the ESOL, DLI, traditional, K-5 or 9-12 setting, Marie is amazing at developing new and veteran teachers to implement best-practice and improve instruction for students! I highly recommend her!”

-Dr. Steve Frandsen, Principal, The International Transition Center

What are the benefits of Strategy-Based Teaching?

  • Teachers know what and how to model.
  • Teaching of content and language is explicit.  
  • Teachers can monitor mastery of skills by observing application of strategies. 

“The results of strategy-based teaching are incredible! Our dual language students are excelling in both languages. Teachers love how instruction is highly organized, explicit, and clear all thanks to Marie’s expertise.”
-Kiri Sowers, District Multilingual Services Instructional Coach, Champaign Unit 4 SD

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A 75-minute introduction to our three-part webinar series.

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Hi, I'm Marie!

I was born in France and immigrated to the United States with my family when I was seven years old.  

Like so many English learners, I learned English through the sink or swim method. Now an adult, I am fluent in French and English and proficient in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

I founded and developed an award-winning dual language program from K through fifth grade.  

I’m also one of the youngest recipients of Les Palmes académiques, the highest award granted to educators by the French Ministry of Education. 

Today, I’m a mom, a dual language consultant and an entrepreneur x 2. 

Register for Strategy-Based Teaching for Leaders

A 75-minute introduction to our three-part webinar series.

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