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Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!
Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!

El chaleco de Ratoncito

$ 22.50

If you’re a preschool teacher or pre-K or kindergarten, you must get El chaleco de Ratoncito. It is absolutely adorable. Another book with a biochromatic pallet- just two colors, red and black for a very vintage look. This book, written by a Japanese author, makes it a privileged read for the immersion teacher.

Why do we love this book? It makes us laugh! The story is about a little rat, who gets this new little vest, and it suits him so perfectly and he's so proud of it, and his friend asks to try it on. And he says, Sure. And so, his friend tries it on and then another friend tries it on. As his friends try the vest on and the animals get larger and larger, the vest gets stretched out. One of my favorite pages is when the little rat finds his vest after so many friends have tried it, and he says, “¡Mama mía, mi chaleco!”

This is a wonderful book for a whole class read aloud. As you read this book over and over again, your students will learn the words by heart and can act it out. They'll learn to ask questions politely.