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Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!
Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!

La oca azul

$ 20.25

One of the reasons we first fell in love with this book was because of the illustrations. The author-illustrator, Lilia Lee, uses a bichromatic palette.  All illustrations are in shades of blue and grey.  

This is the story of a little crocodile who gets adopted by a goose, and she takes great care of this little crocodile over the years. At first, we see how she's taking care of him, teaching him new things. Eventually, he grows older and so does she and she starts losing her memory. This is a really interesting book because it's the first time we came across a book that talked about aging and Alzheimer's, and the effect that has on families. Lilia Lee explains in a very simple and sweet way how, later, the crocodile cares for his mom, and how he helps her feel secure around him, even though she's losing her memory.

A fantastic book about topics we often don't talk about.  Another bonus is the fact that it was originally written in Korean, and is a privileged read for the immersion teacher.