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Shop Bilingual at Home - $4.95 flat-rate shipping for online orders!


Strategy-Based Teaching: For Leaders

Let me take you step-by-step through a decision process that will leverage your students’ linguistic strengths.

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75 Minutes


$200 per participant
$400 for a leadership team
$800 for a school’s entire staff


District leaders, building leaders, principals, assistant principals, coaches and coordinators.


Strategy-Based Teaching for Leaders is a condensed version of Strategy-Based Teaching, Productive Language Goals and the Data-Driven Workshop. This webinar is specifically designed for building and district leaders to help them visualize how to implement Strategy-Based Teaching over the course of several years. This overview will empower leaders to make professional learning decisions for their staff. I highly recommend leaders signing up for this webinar first as it will help you gauge for yourself which best practices would bring the biggest benefit to your building. Some districts wish to start only with Strategy-Based Teaching, while others wish to also work in Productive Language Goals and/or the Data-Driven Workshop. 

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Marie has been teaching dual language teachers how to plan, teach and assess through Strategy-Based Teaching for over a decade. She has turned around failing dual language schools thanks to this very intentional way of planning. Strategy-Based Teaching is based on the premise that teachers should know ahead of time how they will teach and assess student learning. It is an instructional approach that is universally adaptable to all curricula and all languages. Strategy-Based Teaching is just good teaching. It’s fantastic for Pre-K through 12th grade. It is particularly effective for students in dual language, ESOL, bilingual and immersion settings. From Marie: “Imagine showing students not only what to do, but also how. You’ll notice more immediate and successful implementation of skills when students are shown specific steps in applying a standard.”


Upon registration, participants will receive a workbook specifically designed for Strategy-Based Teaching for Leaders. 


We will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours of your registration. Please contact us at if you have not received your confirmation email. Please expect an email invitation to the webinar two days prior to the event date. It will include your Zoom link, handouts and participation instructions. We recommend that you check that your computer, Zoom and browser have the latest updates for a quality experience. 


"Strategy-based teaching transformed my approach to delivering quality instruction to my students. Marie helped me equip my students with strategies that propelled their achievement to the next level. I wish I would have been taught this method in college. Since learning about Strategy-based teaching, my students have shown more growth academically than ever before. I am a better teacher because of it!"

Amalina Hernandez
Assistant Principal, World Language Academy
Former: Kindergarten Teacher, Cumming Elementary

“The results of strategy-based teaching are incredible! Our dual language students are excelling in both languages. Teachers love how instruction is highly organized, explicit, and clear all thanks to Marie’s expertise.”

Kiri Sowers
District Multilingual Services Instructional Coach, Champaign Unit 4 SD

“What’s your ‘by?’” I can hear Marie asking that critical question now. With Marie’s help, we are now more focused on strategy-based teaching. She has equipped us with the tools needed so our planning is more intentional, our teaching more explicit, and our language learners benefit (along with everyone else).”

Dr. Virin Vedder
 Coordinator of Foreign Language and Dual Language Immersion, Gwinnett County Public Schools