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Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!
Spread the LOVE of READ ALOUDS, Buy Any 3 Get $5 Off!

Un buen chocolate

$ 14.75

If you're looking for a book to talk about sharing, Un buen chocolate by Elsa Devernois is an absolute must-have!

These three friends walk in from the cold and they're going to share some hot chocolate using the biggest bowls in the house. On the kitchen shelf, you see big bowls, smaller cups and then tiny, tiny little cups at the very end. Well, as the book goes along, other characters come knocking at the door, and the original cast of characters invites them in to share the hot chocolate. Of course, one of them simply is not happy with the idea of getting less and less hot chocolate. Eventually, she says: - ¡No abran! ¡No tengo ganas de compartir otra vez! Finally, all sit down, and just as they're about to savor this drink, she spills her hot chocolate! What happens, in the end, is the sweetest! All of the characters decide to use the tiniest, tiniest cups that were up on that shelf, and they end up sharing the hot chocolate with her. Isn't that so adorable?

We learn that if you share, others will share with you. Such simple illustrations make this a must-have! Originally written in French, this is a privileged read aloud for the immersion teacher.